Everyone Has tiny Seecrets! Let us know anonymously.

Tell us your most Seecret Stoories,
ononoomously, eh anonymously.

You can leave us your secrets, stoories and stupidities via text here. Blabber the funniest tiny moments of your life to become the Seecret Stories.

No signup or mail needed, just drop your sweetest funny moments below and hit the send button.


    Hey there. You’re a Stoopie, now you knoow.

    Website relaunch soon in coop with le4f.

    Become an owner to participate with your tiny Stoorie. See below.

    Be prepared, follow on Twitter. Roadmap update coming.

    Discord needs help, write to hello@stoopies.com

    Concept in german here.


    A few changings in our strategy will happen. Roadmap to be released. Mint date coming.

    The Stoopies CNFT Project

    You little Stoopie!

    We are the Stoopies – 1000 little blob beings to raise a daily shmile in a simp mind. Yup, we all know this mind sometimes and we all know the Stoopies. Although you didn’t know, you know’em yet. Yep, you know’em yet, you banana you.

    Follow us on Twitter.

    The Stoopies ROODMAP

    I. Start oop 

    Let’s get the Stoopies onto the Cardano blockchain together with le4f and NFT-Maker. <3

    II. Commoonity

    to build up along the way. Let’s share empathy & love for stoopid hoomanity – everyone’s a little Stoopie sometimes.

    III. Season #1 

    1000 Original Stoopies release with random mint

    IV. The Seecret Stoories

    Gathering the “Seecret Stoories” NFTs with your stoopid secrets, every day dumb moments & false beliefs to be defined as stories for every Stoopie.

    V. The Stoopiverse

    Build up technological developements to merge Stoopies and create totally new ones by combining them.

    VI. Season #2 ?

    Single Made Blobs

    No programmo, uno by uno.

    We share the Stoopies ‘n’ your Seecret Stoories.
    One by one is single made and unique.

    The Seecret Stoories

    Can you keep a seecret? Or will you blabber?

    We‘ll pick the funniest & most stupid secrets of you to be chosen for the existence of 1000 Stoopies becoming alive.


    Every Stoopie is single made in color background, shape, eyes, mouth, name, stoory

    The Stoopies Speecies

    "Fopplie" Stoopie CNFT preview buy on Stoopies.com

    x570 Stoopies

    An average woopiedoop Stoopie. Most of the Stoopies are Classics.

    "Aligootie" Stoopie CNFT preview buy on Stoopies.com

    x198 Stoopies

    Some beings that could be seen as animals, well all the Stoopies are equally stupid. Little bit more in number than the Oorigins.

    The Oorigins
    x165 Stoopies

    Basic shaped blops that built up the evolution of the Stoopies. Quiet rare.

    "Irkendurgh" Stoopie CNFT preview buy on Stoopies.com

    The Urghs
    x59 Stoopies

    Some of the Stoopies turned to Urghs, ‘cooz noone could say their names right, urgh! Fewest of the Stoopies are Urghs.

    Bloopadoop uniquufloob yep! All the stoopies got it‘s own stooooories.

    Some rare Special Stoopies will be held back for special events, or to be found in a treasure hunt.

    Doo the math!

    +570 Classics

    +198 Animools

    +165 Oorigins

    +59 The Urghs

    100/1000 = First 100 (F100)

    +8 Specials = 1000 Stoopies


    The first 100

    The first Stoopies ever created will have a textured background to be identified. Raritees as following…

    1. Classics F100 – 62x = 6,2%

    2. Oorigins F100 – 22x = 2,2%

    3. Animools F100 12x = 1,2%

    4. The Urghs F100 4x = 0,4%



    Z’uup. All Rarities summ’d up.

    1. Classics N – 550x = 55.0%
    2. Animools N – 186x = 18.6%
    3. Oorigins N – 143x = 14.3%
    4. Classics F100 – 62x = 6.2%
    5. The Urghs N – 55x = 5.5%
    6. Oorigins F100 – 22x = 2.2%
    7. Animools F100 12x = 1.2%
    8. Specials 8x = 0.8%
    9. The Urghs F100 4x = 0.4%


    The SToopieverse

    Evolooootion yeaaah… Evoloootion.

    The Stoopies being taken over by a KI like Skinet terminator style creating  themselves with soopiecompooties. Swap them, evolve‘em, make them a Stoopiverse.


    Our dream is to swap and create Stoopies by combining them. We invite you to walk with us – through the process of upcoming technological innovations, Cardano developments and special features that will be provided by us! Sounds megalomaniac, huh?

    The Stoopies Community is born, be part

    Yes, we know you forgot your keys too at least once in a lifetime. A likkle Stoopie in ya mind, yep. The Stoopies creatures represent the tiny dumb moments in everyone’s life, tiny secrets, stupid moments or those dazzling 5 minutes once in a while

    Provided via the Cardano Blockchain, the likkle blops will make their way through the shminternet to get swapped and bring at least one smile into your life.

    Become a part of the Stoopies Community

    Oooh yeee’ I see the stars in your eyes as your swiping and scrolling through the Stoopiverse. And you’re on the absolutely right side of faith, because there’s a lotta big things coming on Cardano.

    Trust us, not melagomaniacal this time! Get ready for it, don’t miss our noos and follow us on Twitter-shmitter.

    Seeeya peepz, stay smiling.

    Hans From Space
    Founder & Creator

    If you have no time, take some time.