The Stoopies – 1000 unique CNFT blobs

“Everyone’s a likkle Stoopie sometimes.”

Mistakes aren’t bad, they’re human. Sometimes we just have to let out the little Stoopies in us. And be careful not to get lost with the growing stress line on one’s forehead. Because what would life be without the inner child that makes us goofy and giggle. That’s what the Stoopies stand for.

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The Seecret Stoories Idea

“Everyone’s got a Seecret Stoorie, will you keep it?”

Of course everyone can keep their secrets and stupidities to themselves – even those of their best friends… chrm. Some stories are better left private than going public. That’s what the Seecret Stoories stand for. But everyone knows how it is with secrets – do people keep them to themselves or do they happily pass’em on? (:

“Don’ blabber’n’jabber!”

If just one Stoopie, even one element of a Stoopie, can make someone laugh, then the Stoopie’s existence has meaning and the world becomes a better place. If everyone in the world learned to love the Stoopies, the peace movement of ’69 would be history.

“The run is dun’, if only one makes ya fun!”

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